My home at the intersection
Abhishek Thapar (DAS Theatre)

Dates: 2 June 3 June

When I was growing up, my parents always told me, ‘There is a big storm coming, we might have to leave’. Since then, Amsterdam is the 13th city I have lived in, and it’s only now that I begin to ask myself, what makes a home? How does one deal with memories and conflicting histories? For the last one year, I have been working with certain historical narratives of Punjab, a state in the northwest part of India and of my family, our life there as well. ‘My home at the Intersection’ is a work, which I have been growing towards since I first started making theatre in my teens but could never gain courage to actualize it. In December last year, I went back to my childhood home in Moga with my family, to a place, which we all thought we had forgotten about. Together we created a performance.

Abhishek Thapar is a theatre maker, performer, puppeteer and teacher from India. He holds a post-graduate degree in Creating Theatre and Performance from the London International School of Performing Arts (UK).