it won’t move without us
Annefleur Schep (DAS Theatre)

Dates: 31 May 1 June

PAPER: You have cells renewing themselves. You need to be fed. You need to sleep to exist. Your body needs to constantly move. To pump fluids, extract minerals and oils, turn food into poop. I have passed that stage.

Made in collaboration with Annefleur Schep and Burkhard Körner
Advisor: Mette van der Sijs
Academic tutor: Andrea Božić
Special thanks to: Lisa Skwirblies, Anneke Tonen, Esma Moukthar, Karina Palosí, Biljana Radinoska, Abhishek Thapar, Olga Tsvetkova, Katarina Bakatsaki, Volksroom Brussels.
Photography: Randy Fokke

Annefleur Schep (The Netherlands, 1983). I am an Amsterdam-based theatre maker and performer. During my time at DAS theatre I developed a fascination for the materiality of paper. I am drawn by its sensorial properties (weight, sound, smell), the many shapes it can take on, it’s reactions to being handled (by hands, air, light), how it ages (showing us traces of usage), it’s ability to cover over and reveal, its resemblances to skin, and most of all: it being the product of transformation from a living organism to a lifeless object. It’s history of transformation makes it a poetic material for me to use. My focus now is on understanding how to create a tactile, bodily experience for the audience with the materiality of the paper.

I studied both Theatre-studies at the University of Amsterdam and theatre-performing at de Amsterdamse Toneelschool&Kleinkunstacademie. I have been performing in performances developed by others and by myrself. Since 2013 I committed myself to the work as an ambassador at IOOTCP. My time at DAS evoked another strand of work next to this.