Enkidu Khaled (DAS Theatre)

Dates: 2 June 3 June

How can good faith change easily into radical choices? We meet an Iraqi filmmaker who works and lives in a time of war. By following his life and artistic work we become a witness of his violent transformation.

Youssef is a documentary theater piece, which takes place in Iraq between the nineties until 2007. The country is torn up, the economy is at is lowest point and people are struggling for survival.


With: Marie Groothof, Monica Blok, Suze Miltenburg, Lara Aysal, Maud De Nijs, Enkidu Khaled
Photo: Murad Atshan

Enkidu Khaled (born in 1985 in Bagdad, Iraq) is a theatre maker and performer. He has always been interested in how a human being is shaped by its context, and how it relates to its past, present and possible futures.