How many thieves do you need to open a cave?
Gabino Rodríguez (DAS Theatre)

Dates: 31 May 1 June

It is a project that consists of a book, an installation, a video and the presence of two actors: a trip to Greece, a couple, a dream, Odysseus, Ajax an oracle and honor are the framework for thinking aspirations and Possibilities of fiction today.

The theater as the place where words have value. Where fiction is fiction, where reality is reality, where what is said matters and must be sustained. A counterpoint to the current world. The theater as a refuge for partisans, a gang of thieves hiding in a cave.

The work of Gabino Rodríguez has developed along two axes of research: memory and history. In 2003 he founded the collective Lagartijas tiradas al sol, with which he developed ten stage projects, published books, made films and records, and taught workshops. The collective works primarily on how we remember and the manner in which these memories become History, the History of Mexico.