Cursed on a Thursday
Noah Voelker (DAS  Theatre)

Dates: 2 June 3 June

Everyone out there has it. A thing inside of you that will not quiet down. It keeps screaming that “you’re nothing without your uncertainty!” I know because I have that it, I call it my shit monster. That’s why I am here, to help us all in dealing with our shit monsters. I’m going to take you on a multi-step journey to conquer it. It all begins on a Thursday two years when I was cursed to forever embrace my uncertainty.

Noah Voelker (1990) is a theatre maker from Texas, United States. During his studies in Theatre and Economics at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas he became interested in avant garde theatre, participatory performance practices, and devised theatre. In 2013 he joined the Aesthetic of Waste collective as an executive director.