Noha Ramadan (DAS Choreography)

Dates: 2 June 3 June

the thing changeable, the viewer changeable too
– rachel blau duplesis

Paratactical presents a system of elements in transformation. A collection of movements which push against the vertical: Picture Motion Synthesis, Protean Muscle Sensation, Post Mortal Spatiality, Paris Mike Sierra, Portfolio’s Mean Secret, Planned Messy Sex…


by Noha Ramadan
with Matthew Day, Setareh Fatehi, Tomislav Feller, Bruno Listopad, Stefan Schneider

Noha Ramadan (Sydney, 1979) is a choreographer, dancer and performer living between Amsterdam and Berlin. Her work is underscored by (built through) an interest in language and choreographic experimentation, testing the relationships between things and their environments, between meaning and its collapse, and between dance and choreography.