Olga Tsvetkova (DAS Theatre)

Dates:  31 May   1 June

Our life has grown weary
The stars have grown old
Are you still shivering?
Are you still cold?
Are you loathsome tonight?
Does your madness shine bright?
Are you loathsome tonight?

Ghostwriters:  Olga Tsvetkova, Leo Svirsky, Mirko Lazović, Marc Maris and James Hewitt
Ghostadvise: Yannis Kyriakides

Olga Tsvetkova is a Russian artist currently living and studying in Amsterdam. Her interest lies in performance and specifically in relation to the choreographic scores that she applies in my artistic work to sculpt time and to construct the space. However, she also believes that art is a surprise, it cannot be calculated; it’s a prey, a catch. www.ahk.nl/en/atd/graduates/2017/student/olga-tsvetkova/